At Complete Therapy Group we strive to empower individuals to be the best they can be! We provide them with the tools and give them strategies to take away and use across the lifespan. We provide a complete psychology service where our team of experienced psychologists are available and matched to your needs. We are able to offer psychology services to young children, adolescents, adults and older adults.

We pride ourselves on our dedication, commitment and collaborative approach to achieving your therapeutic goals. At Complete Therapy Group, we promise to treat you with respect and dignity. We believe that having a positive relationship with oneself and being prepared to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours is at the forefront to building resilience and self-growth. We are dedicated to providing care using a collaborative approach focusing on the individuals’ strengths. A range of assessments are performed to help identify these strengths and areas that need assistance, this in turn facilitates treatment planning.

Our clients ‘own’ these sessions and we firmly believe they guide us as well as us guiding them throughout their therapeutic journey. We like to think of the analogy of our clients being in the driver’s seat and we are passengers with controls we use only when absolutely necessary. We sit with, listen, guide and provide welcome strategies to our clients, with the hope that they draw on these over their lifetime. We provide a safe space that allows our clients to feel comfortable to explore difficulties they are experiencing in an attempt to address their presenting issues, and any others that may arise. Our ultimate goal is focused on a resolution, which most importantly can be sustained.