Social Skills Programs

Movie TimeAll group programs offered at Complete Therapy Group are run by registered psychologists and are delivered on a needs basis. These group programs are run throughout the year and we welcome expressions of interest. Please contact the office for information and check our website regularly for upcoming events including free parent/community information sessions about these programs.

Movie Time Social Learning Group

Movie Time Social Learning Group

Using movies to teach social understanding to children is an engaging recreational and fun approach. Now, who hasn’t seen a movie? This therapeutic program involves watching and discussing carefully selected children’s movies. After watching scenes from these movies, children are presented with various social cognitive challenges and together they will explore and dissect social relationships, thoughts and feelings. This is done by pausing, rewinding and replaying. There will be lots of opportunities for corrections and learning in the Movie Time Social Learning group, real life does not offer this and there is only one take.

The program offers a fun and engaging way to learn about how people relate to one another by their verbal exchange, facial expression and gestures. It gives children an opportunity to discuss social reasons behind overt behaviours without directly looking at their own behaviours. Furthermore, the power of movies will also allow children to explore more closely ways to:

  • Ask the right questions in social situations
  • Find what works (or doesn’t work) in connections between people
  • Explore a variety of relationships, that is, one with the movies itself, the mediating adult and with peers

It is a fun, animated and engaging approach that applies social thinking concepts, which involves the interpretation of all social behaviour required for everyday social interpretations.


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