Occupational TherapyOccupational therapists (OTs) are practitioners who use therapeutic techniques to improve, rehabilitate, or maintain a person’s motor skills and overall ability to perform everyday activities.
At Complete Therapy Group our friendly Occupational Therapist team will work with children, their families and teachers by connecting and collaborating with them to provide evidence-based ­­­intervention. Their aim is to support children to achieve their goals to better participate in their daily activities, whether it be in play, kindergarten, school or at home.Some areas an occupational therapist can provide support to your child include:

  • Occupational TherapyPrerequisite activities – the child’s physical abilities, such as motor control, hand-to-eye coordination, body awareness and sensation
  • Functional skills – the child’s day-to-day living skills, such as eating, writing, going to the toilet, interacting with other children and playground skills
  • The environment – such as classroom furniture, classroom and schoolyard access, and equipment for art and physical education