Matthew Diamandis

We are delighted to announce that Matthew Diamandis has joined our team in a counselling capacity. He will also continue to be part of the clinic’s administrative team on a part-time basis.

Matt is currently completing the final stages of his ‘Masters of Counselling’ at Victoria University and is offering low-cost counselling at the clinic. He is supervised by our experienced psychologist team.

Matt is available to see all clients including children, adolescents and adults. He has a warm and gentle nature, despite his youth, he is mature in his approach, energetic, and determined to assist others through a person-centred approach. Matt brings much knowledge and skill to his work, his ability to build rapport quickly by lending a sense of trust and confidence in what he does, is a definite gain when it comes to helping others during difficult times, or even just having a professional to talk to when needing some direction.

We understand some individuals have a preference for a male for counselling, and we are so pleased to have this opportunity. Funding via NDIS may be accessed alternatively private fee paying clients are welcome.